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Tom Iredell PGA Golf Instructor
Golf Student Frances Spears

Anne Wlliams

I have a women’s group I play with regularly. When I joined the group, the other players were much better players. Tom has helped me in many ways, and most importantly, he taught me how to enjoy the game.

Frances Spears

When we moved to Hilton Head, I continued playing tennis and decided to try golf. My husband plays golf and I wanted a sport we could play together.  I was a beginner so I scheduled a series of lessons. He taught me the basics was patient  and extremely helpful.

Stan Colquitt Golf Student

Stan Colquitt

Tom taught me the mechanics of a correct swing.  I had always tried to hit the ball hard mostly using my arms.  
Tom taught me how to focus on the "turn" to generate power and increse accuracy.

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