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About Tom

Tom has the distinction of being trained and mentored by Dr. Bob Rotella the world’s premier sports psychologist and Jim Ferree who is widely regarded as one of the best tee-to-green players of his generation. These relationships greatly improved his teaching acumen. He was a NCAA all American at the University of Virginia and was a competitor in the 2005 Verizon Heritage golf tournament.

Tom has students at all levels of play from beginners to low handicap players. He has a passion for player improvement and works to increase his students’ confidence on the course. He especially enjoys teaching young players and two of his high school team students are becoming excellent players.

Tom offers special rates for couples and has many female students. What stands out in testimonials from his students is how he evaluates each player and focuses on their individual needs. He is also patient, which is one of the most important traits of a good teacher. Above all he believes the game of golf should be fun and enjoyable.

Tom Iredell, Professional Golf Instructor
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